best god damn text ive ever received

just sayin if anyone 18+ wants to talk about kinky shit with me right now, im drunk and im down.

drunk enough that if i close my eyes i feel like im in the ocean

i feel like the more i lose touch with reality the more i come to to returning to the ocean, which is where im sure i came from

like im literally not a human being, im just a piece of the ocean that somehow got away

meet me at the mediterranean and we’re go home, together

im singing along to fall out boy trans girl so probably judge me for that 

roommate left the room so even tho i know she can still hear me i get to sing along and pretend im alone

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idk who luca is but I got very confused because my name is luca and I was like “that didn’t happen” wow go me

lol i meant ghostsnif but ALso you if you wanna snap w me :3 my snapchat is asbanker <3

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I think about it a lot, and how ill-equipped we are in general to talk about gender expression (if that’s what femininity even is, which it is and isn’t). There’s a lot of work on masculinity, but so little on femininity.

lol yea, gosh, I WONDER WHY THAT IS?? (answer: men)

a thing i didnt mention is that i separate butchness from masculinity totally, like i dont think a woman or a femme-identified [nb?] person can embody masculinity ever, bc i see masculinity as That Which Privileges Men, that is to say, masculinity can only be done by men and only men can benefit from it, masculinity is venom and violence. 

i completely agree with you. we dont have the language to talk about expression or femininity in a discursive way bc its quite intangible in some situations and also ‘expression’ ‘presentation’ and ‘identity’ re v tangled together

i thought i was gonna get fucked up sad depressed drunk but i ended up getting happy upbeat drunk


The Anarchist Rabbi, an essayistic documentary, follows in the footsteps of Rudolf Rocker, an anarchist who campaigned with London’s East End Jewish migrants 100 years ago. Steven Berkoff narrates Rocker’s ghost who has returned to re-visit the places that were significant to him and turn of the 20th century anarchism. The film proposes that urban development reinforces the status-quo and class interests, undermining memory and an understanding of working-class history.

ADAM KOSSOFF is an artist-filmmaker and writer and Reader in the Moving Image at University of Wolverhampton. Recent exhibitions and screenings include - ‘The Anarchist Rabbi’, Whitechapel Gallery, London; ‘Moscow Diary’, Moscow Museum of Modern Art; ‘Made in Wolverhampton’, Open City Documentary Festival, London (Shortlisted for Time Out Best City Film). 

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repeat after me:

there are white people suffering in the world

but the white people who are suffering are not suffering because they are white

times like this i also wish i didnt have a roommate so i could sit around naked and sing along to jams aloud

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times like this i wish i had my tablet w me so i could do silly drunk doodles

spoopytransgirl any thoughts on that?


bodies require food
bodies require rest
bodies require attention
bodies require patience


ah yes the four seasons. wet, hot, halloween, and christmas

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but that’s illegal though

not in the netherlands